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Daniel Toledo Trio & Pianohooligan - Atrium (2017)

Lista de Caciones:

1. Atrium 07:55

2. Tawny 06:39

3. Abridged perspective 08:11

4. Noa 07:32

5. Horyzont 08:19

6. Margins 06:57

7. Near focus 06:57


Piotr Orzechowski - piano 
Daniel Toledo - contrabajo 
Paul Svanberg - batería 


Liner Notes:

In times when separatism, nationalism and xenophobia seem to be taking over the world we live in, it often seems to me that Art in general, and our beloved Jazz Music in particular, is more often that not the last frontier where values like tolerance, cooperation and unity still flourish with truly amazing results. Take this album as an example: a Polish pianist (born 1990), an Ecuadorian bassist (born 1991) and a Swedish drummer (born 1984) get together to form a classic Jazz piano trio, which is a very intimate musical partnership requiring total cooperation, in order to achieve its goal of creating music together. The fact that these musicians come from different and distant countries and cultural backgrounds not only doesn’t stand in the way of them becoming one body and mind when playing this music, but actually reinforces their ability to create music on a higher Artistic and Intellectual plane. Nothing short of brilliant, this album proves that melodic modern Jazz can still be rewarding and fascinating, when executed sincerely and passionately. 
Listen and learn! 
(Adam Baruch) 

The law of attraction, in music as elsewhere, posits that like attracts like. And thus it came to be that Ecuadorian bassist Daniel Toledo, Polish pianist Piotr Orzechowski, and Swedish drummer Paul Svanberg found each other. The Daniel Toledo Trio weds restlessness and refinement into a perfect marriage here, producing seven musical outcomes that are unpredictable in design and articulate in their expression. Atrium — an alluring tryst between light and dark, with Orzechowski’s fingers flitting to and fro, Svanberg’s sticks skittering on the cymbals, and Toledo passionately moving and mooring — serves as the open-air entryway into this world. Then there’s Tawny, a number in five that evokes its orange-brown namesake color through a stroke of musical synesthesia; Abridged Perspective, which starts off in a stark fashion and offers breathing room; Noa, a hotbed of rhythmic interplay that initially presents us with a serpentine maze; and Horyzont, grounded 
in tribal chic and highlighting the notion of promise rising in the distance. After that all comes and goes, the album arrives at its end with Margins, a call to the wild that’s pure dynamism, and Near Focus, a sly send-off that features some of Svanberg’s hippest stick work. Isn’t it amazing what can happen when three unique, yet like-minded personalities come together to form a united front? It would appear that the law of attraction has it right. 
(Dan Bilawsky, Senior Contributor to All About Jazz)




Lanzamiento Febrero 24, 2017.


Todos los temas compuestos por Daniel Toledo. 

Grabado Agosto 2-3, 2016 en Polish Radio's S2 Studio en Varsovia (Polonia). 
Grabación, Mezcla & Master: Michał Kupicz 
Diseño: For Tune® 
Fotos: Marianna Tarczyńska (Marianna Photography)

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